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Dragon’s Eye Oxidized Copper Necklace

Dragon’s Eye Oxidized Copper Necklace

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Mythical beasties inspire the Dragon's Eye pendant! Step into the realm of sorcery and escapade with Dragon's Eye. Give your creativity a stretch and discover new and thrilling prospects!

Crafted with care and precision, our jewelry is created to order (unless otherwise specified), with a typical lead time of 3-5 business days.

Bear in mind, we craft our jewelry by hand. It's normal to spot a few flaws—no two pieces are alike! Photos are just examples.

Using natural bare copper and high-quality stones, our handmade pendants and charms are crafted from start to finish. We oxidize, clean, and polish the copper for a beautiful finish.

Preserve its beauty—avoid showering or swimming with it on, take it off before bed, and keep it away from humid spaces like the bathroom. Through diligent care, your jewelry can last all the lifetimes! We've kept ours proudly on display in our studio for over two years with no problems.

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