About us

Hello, I’m Iliana, the proud founder and owner of IMIN2 Jewelry. Our small business, based in Arlington, Virginia, celebrates my Mexican and El Salvadorian heritage. Born in Los Angeles, California, I draw inspiration from nature, celestial wonders, music, and movies.

At IMIN2 Jewelry, we craft exquisite pieces using semi-precious gemstones, Czech glass beads, and an array of metals. Our mission? To enhance your mood, boost confidence, and ignite creativity through beautiful jewelry. There are no style limitations—express yourself authentically! 

Explore our diverse designs, each tailored to fit your unique personality. Whether you’re a free spirit or a trendsetter, we’ve got you covered. And remember, self-love is at the heart of everything we create. 

Let’s connect! Share your experience with our art, and together, let’s make your jewelry journey unforgettable. We’re committed to providing excellent products and a delightful shopping experience.