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Amazonite Wire Wrapped Oxidized Copper Necklace

Amazonite Wire Wrapped Oxidized Copper Necklace

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Amazonite captivates with its spectacular multicolored hues--from graceful light green to mesmerizing bluish-green, to stunning grayish-green and brown--but this particular pendant carries an opaque light blue color which pairs perfectly with copper. Showcasing a 2.25-inch tall pendant suspended from a 20-inch chain, this stunning necklace can even be customized with a length of your choice--simply enter the desired length in the indicated text box.

Amazonite is a stunning gemstone that captures the beauty and spirit of the Amazon river. Its soothing green color and mottled patterns reflect the calming and healing energy of water. Amazonite is also known as the stone of hope, truth, and harmony. It can help you achieve your dreams, communicate with confidence, and balance your emotions. Amazonite is a great choice for anyone who wants to add some peace, positivity, and prosperity to their life. Whether you wear it as a necklace, bracelet, ring, or earrings, Amazonite will enhance your natural charm and grace. Shop our collection of Amazonite jewelry today and discover the magic of this ancient gemstone.

Using natural bare copper and high-quality stones, our handmade pendants and charms are crafted from start to finish. We oxidize, clean, and polish the copper for a beautiful finish. Due to the unique variations of each stone, the appearance may vary slightly.

Preserve its beauty—avoid showering or swimming with it on, take it off before bed, and keep it away from humid spaces like the bathroom. Sleeping with wire-wrapped jewelry on can damage the wire causing the stone to fall out. Through diligent care, your jewelry can last all the lifetimes! We've kept ours proudly on display in our studio for over two years with no problems.

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