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Celestial Black Quartz Earrings

Celestial Black Quartz Earrings

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Black is my all-time go-to hue! Hence, I was thrilled to create a replica of our Herkimer Diamond lineup with black Quartz and beads!

Quartz crystals, the most versatile and powerful crystals in the world. Quartz crystals have many metaphysical properties that can benefit you in different ways. They can structure, store, amplify, focus, transmit, and transform energy, making them ideal for healing, manifestation, communication, and protection. Quartz crystals also contain the entire spectrum of light and color, reflecting your inner beauty and radiance. These earrings are a perfect accessory for any occasion, as they can match any outfit and enhance your charm and grace. By wearing these earrings, you can enjoy the benefits of quartz crystals and shine like a star. These earrings are a wonderful gift for yourself or someone you love who appreciates the magic of crystals.

Components used: Antique brass & stainless steel. 

Bear in mind that each Celestial Black Quartz pair is unique; due to the stone's properties, size, thickness, and texture can differ. Natural imperfections add to its charm!

Preserve its beauty—avoid showering or swimming with it on, take it off before bed, and keep it away from humid spaces like the bathroom. Keep your jewelry inside the jewelry pouch we included with your order. Through diligent care, your jewelry can last all the lifetimes! We've kept ours proudly on display in our studio for over two years with no problems.

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