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Silver Sun and Moon Earrings (In four different bead colors)

Silver Sun and Moon Earrings (In four different bead colors)

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Our customers have been raving about this collection, so we've created a silver color option! You can choose from four shades: beautiful lavender, dark and mysterious black onyx, enchanting Ethiopian Opal, and stunning Lapis Lazuli.

Lapis lazuli is a stone of truth, protection, and serenity. It stimulates the desire for knowledge, truth, and understanding, and aids the process of learning. It also encourages honesty, self-expression, and inner wisdom. Lapis lazuli has a deep blue color with golden flecks of pyrite, giving it a mystical and magical appearance.

Ethiopian Opal is known for its metaphysical properties that can benefit you in various ways. It is a stone of hope, truth, and harmony. It can help you to achieve your dreams, communicate with confidence, and balance your emotions. Ethiopian Opal is also a powerful crystal for psychic development, as it can enhance your intuition, precognition, astral travel, and communication with spirit guides. It can also protect you from negative energy and transmute it into positive energy.

Components used: Surgical stainless steel ear wires. 

You can customize the color of the beads - just shoot us a message. Note: if we don't carry the color/type of bead you're asking for, it may take longer and incur an extra charge since we'll need to order it.

Bear in mind, we craft our jewelry by hand. It's normal to spot a few flaws—no two pieces are alike! Due to the unique variations of each stone, the appearance may vary slightly. Photos are just examples. 

Please do not expose your jewelry to any chemicals and humidity, as it will cause it to tarnish. Keep your jewelry stored in a safe place, away from humid environments. Do not go swimming or shower with your jewelry. Please see our care instructions for more detailed information. :)


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